Team Pasturo asd, the new Pasturo sports club founded on 28 February 2014, is the organizing company of the ZacUP…..Skyrace del Grignone. 
The date of incorporation is not accidental: it corresponds to the date of birth of Andrea, 28 February 1966, whose name is linked to the ZacUP. 
In this way we wanted to make even stronger the bond between Andrea and Pasturo, a country that he loved and where he had moved just under a year before embarking on the last climb. 
The new company will be active in the territory of Valsasso to promote sports activities with particular attention to mountain running and skyrace but with an eye to the other specialties of athletics and sport in general.

For the moment there will be no official commitment on the race fields, but the main purpose of the newborn team will be to organize the ZacUP, but we do not hide the desire to grow sporty in the shadow of the Grigna new runners in the footsteps and example of our fellow citizen Michele Fontana.

In our head there are also other projects that can help to grow the movement skyrace and trail in our territory.

The founding members also make up the first board of directors that is composed as follows:
President: Alberto Zaccagni
Vice-President: Gabriele Orlandi Arrigoni – Paolo Colombo
Secretary: Adriano Ticozzelli
Treasurer: Davide Invernizzi
Directors: Dario Aliprandi, Stefano Arrigoni, Tullio Arrigoni, Matteo Ghezzi, Damiano Invernizzi, Paolo Ticozzelli, Andrea Rossini