01 Giugno 2019 ore 10:00 OPENING REGISTRATION



ZacUP Skyrace del Grignone is a Skyrunning event that will take place on Sunday, September 15, 2019 with start and finish Pasturo (LC) (635mt) on a route of about 27.5km with a positive / negative height difference of 2,650mt. touching the peak of the North Grigna as the highest point of the route (2,410mt). The race will take place on EE classified mountain paths with challenging uphill and downhill sections, sections equipped with ladders, fixed ropes and/or chains, possible crossing of snowy sections, exposed ledges and ridges, stony and steep grassy sections. It is therefore essential to have a good physical preparation, prudence and the habit of following high mountain paths. The race route will be marked with specific signs, flags and webbing.




The race is affiliated to the sports promotion body Csen and FiSky; participation is open to all athletes aged between 16 and 70 years in good standing with the medical examination of competitive sports type B for the disciplines Athletics, Skyrunning, Mountain Running, Cross-country skiing, Ski Mountaineering.

If you do not have a CSEN or FiSky membership, you can subscribe to the annual CSEN card at the additional cost of € 10.00 or subscribe to the daily FiSky card at the additional cost of € 5.00.



A limit is placed on the number of entries, which is set at 450. Beyond this limit, registrations will only be accepted as reservations in chronological order. If a participant is unable to participate in the competition, the participation fee will not be refunded and cannot be used for subsequent editions.

For any other information regarding entries, please refer to the specific menu.



The direction of the route is entrusted, as required by the FiSkY regulations, to an Alpine Guide with a Skyrunning qualification. The Race Director, on the instructions of the Alpine Guide, may modify all or part of the route, as well as suspend or cancel the race in case of evolution of dangerous situations for the safety of athletes.

In case of modification or cancellation the registration fee will not be refunded.



Each competitor must present himself at the start with OBLIGATORY:

k-way or personal windproof jacket
Chest number chin chip provided by the organization
trail running shoes
glass or container (water bottle, flask or any personal container). The race takes place in the Grigne Nature Park, so no plastic glasses will be distributed to the refreshments.
The athlete who will be found without such material during the race will be sanctioned with a penalty of 10 minutes.

In addition, it is obligatory to:

follow the marked route (along the route there are checkpoints. Failure to switch to one of these will result in disqualification)
in the case of withdrawal, give immediate notice to the organization, delivering the bib to the first point of control or refreshment and following the directions of the health or the staff for the path back to the departure / arrival.
throw the waste in the appropriate containers placed at the refreshment points. Anyone caught throwing waste along the way will be disqualified.
There are three time gates along the way. Failure to pass within the set time will result in the stopping of the race for the athlete who will then have to follow the instructions of the staff responsible for returning to the point of departure / arrival.

 RIVA REFUGE km.7 – 1h.45′
BOGANI REFUGE km 13 – 3h.15′
The sanitary facilities along the route, will stop the athlete who will be considered in poor health and unsuitable to continue the race.



The athlete, aware of his responsibility for false statements, recognizes and confirms:

that they have taken a direct look at the course of the race and that they have, in full compliance with their faculties, considered it fully suitable for their technical level
to be absolutely aware that the ZacUP race track has sections with fixed ropes and/or chains, sections with possible presence of snow or slippery, exposed passages, although manned by staff of the organization
to be in possession of an adequate curriculum of Skyrace/Skymarathon (meaning by this the classification used by the ISF and FiSkY) suitable for participation in the ZacUP, or also, alternatively, to have taken part in the last two years in similar events and / or in any case to have a mountain experience appropriate to address the route of the race.
to have been thoroughly informed by the organizers of the potential danger of the event that takes place in a mountain environment with the consequent inalienable objective dangers for all competitors and to understand, knowingly, assume the same risk
to expressly exonerate the organisers from any liability for minor negligence in respect of any accident to which the athlete himself is a victim


    Along the way they will be positioned by the organization of the refreshment points. The positioning of the refreshment points is in function of the physical commitment sustained and to be supported.

    TEVENA km 4 – water

    RIF.RIVA km.7 – water, coca cola, fresh fruit, salts, chocolate

    PRA’ del GIAR km.9,5 – water and salts

    ZAPEL km.12 – water

    BOGANI km.13 – water, coca cola, fresh fruit, salts, chocolate, cakes

    REF.BRIOSCHI km.15,5 – water, coca cola, fresh fruit, salts, chocolate, biscuits

    BIVACCO RIVA-GIRANI km.18- water, coca cola, salts

    RIF.ANTONIETTA km 19,5 – water, coca cola, fresh fruit, salts, chocolate, biscuits

    CORNISELLA km.23,5 – water

    AGRIT.BRUNINO km.24,7 – water, salts



    The race is affiliated to the sports promotion body Csen and FiSky; participation is open to all athletes aged between 16 and 70 years in good standing with the medical examination of competitive sports type B for the disciplines Athletics, Skyrunning, Mountain Running, Cross-country skiing, Ski Mountaineering. This deposit will be returned in case of acceptance of the complaint.

    The decision of the jury will be final and taken by majority vote. In case of dispute, the decision of the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) representative will be valid.


    under definition


    The first 10 absolute men and the first 10 absolute women will be rewarded with cash prize money according to the table provided in the appropriate section Prize money.

    There will also be other cash prizes linked to the race records.

    In case, due to bad weather or particular situations not foreseeable, the race management is forced, after the start, to suspend the race, the prize money will be halved. The prize fund will not be modified in case of decision to use the alternative route before the start.


    The registration and subsequent participation in the ZacUP Skyrace del Grignone, implies the complete acceptance in all its parts of these Regulations with particular reference to the following clauses:

    In view of the above, the competitor undertakes to comply with these Regulations freeing the organizers from any civil or criminal liability for any accident or incident, for damage to persons or property derived from him or himself caused, which may occur during the event called “ZacUP Skyrace del Grignone”.

    The race will take place in accordance with these Regulations, any amendments and notices that will be published on the website and on the social channels of the event.










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