RIFugio bogani

RIf. bogani

rifugio bogani

The A. Bogani refuge is located at an altitude of 1816 metres on the north-western side of the Grigna, immersed in a larch wood: it is managed by Mariangela Buzzoni and her family.
Mariangela on the site of the Rifugio Bogani (www.rifugiobogani.com) describes their choice of life in this way:
“for me and my family it meant choosing to live in the mountains, doing a traditional job related to our territory and the environment of the Grigne.

To reach the refuge we leave the car at the parking lot of Vò di Moncodeno (1436 m) in the town of Esino Lario Cainallo and we walk on path No. 25 with indication Rif. Bogani/ Rif. Bietti.

The path climbs decisively for the first few minutes, then continues along the coast with a sinuous and panoramic course (overlooking the Valsassina) until it meets a crossroads sign at Bocchetta di Prada where we continue straight into the beech wood on the flat path.

After about 40 minutes from our start, we reach “slavine” where the view turns from enchanted forest to rocky walls: here you can admire the 2 towers called “The monk and the nun”.

Our path climbs on the rocky coast for another 20 minutes until it opens on the green meadows of the Moncodeno Alps. At the mountain pasture in summer you will find goats grazing the delicious herbs of the high mountains that make unique the flavor of cheeses that are produced directly at the cheese factory at 1700 meters above sea level, and that we can enjoy once we reach the refuge with a last effort of 15 minutes.

At 10 minutes from the pasture along a path marked by yellow marks we can see the ‘entrance of the famous icebox of Moncodeno also visited by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Bogani refuge is a starting point for ascents to the grignone, for the normal route or for the panoramic ridge of Piancaformia (for experts) but also for the lesser known but no less interesting peaks of Palone and Pizzo della Pieve.

The area surrounding the Bogani refuge, called “Cirolo del Moncodeno” is an immense blowing sponge, where there are holes that appear everywhere without restraint and blow contemptuous cold and icy air, heralding the enormous underground dimensions.
There are 550 already cadastral cavities, among which is particularly known the abyss “W le donne” (1150m deep), every year in the summer season groups of spelunkers venture in search of new caves to explore.

The Bogani refuge is open from June 15 to September 15 every day, and on weekends throughout the year.


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