The Rifugio Antonietta al Pialeral (www.rifugioantonietta.it) is located in a central position with respect to the numerous itineraries of the Grigne, which can be done both in summer and winter. You can reach the top of the Northern Grigna (Grignone) or the top of the Southern Grigna (Grignetta).

From it you can also reach several refuges. Most of these routes are hiking trails (E), others are for more experienced hikers (EE) or for mountaineers.

From the Antonietta Refuge you can also reach the Grignone peak in winter on a route that in summer is not very difficult except to pay attention to the sections of the ridge.

In winter the spectacle changes, the landscape is fabulous, but you need a minimum of preparation, materials and knowledge of the mountain, whose conditions change abruptly depending on the snowfall.

The ‘Antonietta’ refuge at Pialeral replaces the old ‘Tedeschi’ refuge swept away by an enormous avalanche, which fell from the slopes of Grignone on 31 January 1986 after the heavy snowfall of that year.
The old hut was built in 1908 and never before had such a large avalanche been seen with a front about 2km wide.
Immediately, in 1986, Antonietta Pensa was asked to make available to passionate hikers, the hut ‘Innocente’ already existing, all dictated by the need to have a base for mountain rescue in the area.
Initially, the new refuge could accommodate about twenty people. It was later expanded and can now accommodate up to 35 people in bedrooms or in a spacious dormitory.


Gestore: Dario Pensa
mail: dariopensa@gmail.com
tel. +39.0341.955462
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