Zacup Skyrace del Grignone

2020 Skyrunner World Series

Feb 3, 2020 | WORLD SERIES_en

2020 Skyrunner® World Series race calendar is online!

Ruy Ueda and Oriol Cardona
©MRSWS / Alexis Berg

In 2019 we saw the triumph of Ruy Ueda in the men’s and Sheila Avilés in the women’s category and we can’t wait to find out what emotions this 2020 will bring!

First round of the season: April 19th in Sanjō, Japan for the MT AWA SKYRACE®

Zacup Skyrace del Grignone will start on Sunday 20th September 2020, these are the records to break:

Jean-Baptiste Simukeka 2.49’21” (2019); Denisa Dragomir 3.12’50” (2019).

Sheila Aviles ©MRSWS / Alexis Berg



c/o Scuola Primaria “A. Orlandi”
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