ZacUP…..Skyrace del Grignone RULES

  1. The race will start Sunday, September 16, 2018 at 08:30 from Pasturo (650 meters ) via IV Novembre , on a distance of approximately 27 km with a vertical drop of 2,650 meters positive (total about 5300 meters positive+negative ).
  2. The race will take place along mountain track with a challenging climbs and descents on single track which provide some exposed passages and equipped . Therefore it requires a good physical training and practice on high mountain tracks .
  3. The route will be indicated by special flags and tapes white and blue. Members of the staff will be present to help in case of need along the racetrack.  They wear a high-visibility T-Shirts (ORANGE).
  4. Medical assistance will be garanted along the racetrack in Passo della Stanga – Zapel – Via della Ganda – Rifugio Brioschi – Arrival area.
  5. Along the racetrack there will be seven check points; the failed transit to one of these will result in disqualification
  6. Compulsary equipment: windbreaker. the bib number, not be modified, folded or cut for whatever reason, mustalways be visible. The timing-chipis attachedin bib number and it will be not returned.
  7. The race must be completed in maximum 6 hours. Will be placed two gateway: Rifugio Bogani after 3hours and 15 minutes and Rifugio Antonietta after 5 hours from start. The runners that will pass in more time will be excluded from the competition and they will follow the indication of members of staff.
  8. After six hours, (maximum time of race) we will not be guaranteed assistance along the track.
  9. The runner which leave the race have to inform the staff at the nearest check point showing own bib number. If the runner does not require a medical intervent , the athlete must return independently to the nearest exit point ( Arrival, Rifugio Antonietta , the Cainallo Plans ) alerting the control point . From this moment the athlete who does not pass the gate time becomes a regular hiker . The intervention of the helicopter 118 is provided only in cases where intervention is required from mountain rescue.
  10. In case of bad weather the competition will be conducted on an alternative track ; the organization may decide , in the case of particularly difficult weather conditions , to suspend the race during its development : in this case the classification will be according to the steps carried out the last control . In the event of this decision, the prize money will be halved . The organization reserves the right to temporarily suspend , or discontinue, definitely the race for all or part of competitors if there are situations that may seriously prejudice the safety of the athletes or people along the track ( es. helicopter rescue , fall stones / boulders , etc .. ) .
  11. The organizing committee invites all athletes to respect the environment. The athletes are specifically required not to throw all around glasses, paper and rubbish but to throw in the rubbish baskets specifically placed in the refreshment points. To those who will break this rule 10 minutes penality will be assigned. In  case of recidivism the race director may disqualify the athlete.
  12. The use of sticks is possible in sections marked by warning signs; in particular it is forbidden to use from the start to the end of the paved road and the pace of Stanga early scree leading to the pass Zapel . On stretches prohibited sticks can not be taken in hand but stored in the backpack.  The organization does not provide transport service sticks .
  13. In the arrival area, a massage service will be available for all athletes.
  14. The briefing for athletes in order to provide all technical information about the race will be held at 8:00 a.m.before the start.
  15. Rules will be enforced according to ISF.
  16. Registration relieves the Organization of civil and criminal liability for any damage that may occur to persons or property before, during or after the competition.
  17. The committee has taken out an insurance against civil liability for risks related to the organization of the race. However participants are not covered by this insurance.

 Organization:  Team Pasturo asd

Race Director: Alberto Zaccagni

Mountain Guide: Emanuele Panzeri